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It's not over until its over!

After being told my four banks that she couldn’t get a mortgage, Sarah thought she would never own a home. Michael Chandler Mortgages came to the rescue and successfully sourced a lender that would give her a mortgage, she is now the proud owner of her dream home.

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Less cost, more protection

Davy thought he was paying over the odds for his insurance policies so he called in to Michael Chandler Mortgages, not only did we improve his current policies, we were able to double his cover and add in some family protection, without his premiums increasing!

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Fast & efficient!

Julie agreed her sale last Thursday, we completed her mortgage application that day and her documents were submitted to the bank. We received her mortgage offer through the following Friday, talk about efficient!

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A great result all round!

John made an appointment to see us regarding his mortgage as he thought he was paying a bit over the odds. We managed to save him £120 on his monthly payments while putting him on to a fixed rate securing his payments for the next 5 years. There was a big smile on his face!

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Great to have different choices!

After talking to the Ulster Bank and being told that he would need a 20% deposit Michael came to us. We matched him to a lender who would accept a 10% deposit, meaning he was able to buy his family home and retain some savings!